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Leap Frog Moonwalks FAQ's

Q:  Do you have insurance?
A:  Yes, we are fully licensed and insured

Q:  What happens if it rains?
A:  If rain or high winds (20 + mph) are forecasted for the day of your rental, you may cancel (within 24 hrs) and be refunded your deposit.

 *NOTE*: LFM reserves the right to cancel due to weather for safety concerns.  Once our delivery person has left with your rental, your deposit will NOT be refunded.

Q:  What type of power source is required?
A:  A 15-20 amp/110 volt dedicated circuit, which means nothing else can be plugged into the same circuit with the moonwalk.

Q:  How far away can the moonwalk be from the power source?
A:  100' Max.  LFM will provide you with the required extension cord.  For farther distances a generator is required and we can provide one for an additional fee.

Q:  How much space will I need?
A:  Each unit varies in size, refer to our rental page to determine the size and add 6' to it to allow safe operation.

Q:  What type of surface can a moonwalk be setup on?
A:  A flat, grassy area is preferred, but they can be set up on asphalt and concrete as well. We will not set up on gravel areas or rough terrain, as this can increase the unit to rip or tear more easily.

Q:  Do you require a deposit?
A:    No deposit required. Please provide full payment upon delivery.

Q:  What form of payment do you accept?
A:  We accept all major credit cards, business checks and cash.  A 3% fee will apply when using a credit card.